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Snack - Tasty chocolate peppers!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I've tried a new treat recently. My dear partner introduced me to the delights of compound chocolate with chilis!

The idea started from strawberries. She used to dip them into melted compound chokolate. Why not chilies if strawberries are tasty that way?

This is what you need to make this tasty treat:

Peppers - Preferably less spicy variety. You probably want to eat many of them and share with friends. But if you're crazy enough go for super hots! I used rocotos / habaneros to make this treat!

Chocolate - buy chokolate chips that are meant for baking. If you buy chokolate slabs they are more difficult to melt and harden. The compound chokolate will melt nicely in microwave and harden around the peppers.

Making them - Put chokolate in the microwave and heat gently, check the consistency often and stir. When the chokolate has melted you can dip the peppers in it and let them cool down. Store in fridge. They stay good for weeks if stored right!

Addictive!!! 🤪

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