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New super hot blog!

Updated: May 28, 2019

So this is it, my first blog post about my dear hobby - super hot chilies! I'm talking about the kinds of peppers that are so hot they feel like molten lava is poured into your mouth! For example, the Carolina Reapers, the famous and most spicy peppers in the world, certified by Guinness World of Records.

Why should there be another blog and place for chili enthusiasts?

-I believe that this site should be about enjoying the flavours, the heat, sharing knowledge about the benefits of eating chili, growing them and providing awareness on the matter to anyone interested.

Who is this place for?

-Both chili lovers and those who don't yet know they will be future chiliheads. There's a huge demand for this because I have held a number of chili tasting parties and made an observation. Many people dared and tasted the hottest chilies albeit all were afraid to do so. Out of all people who attended roughly half are now either buying superhot peppers from somewhere, or they are eager to go for it again, or they started growing them at home. I believe super hots are not for everyone. But hey, half of all people is pretty big audience, isn't it?

Here's a pretty photo of ripening Carolina Reapers, the hottest chili in the world. It usually has roughly 1.5million scoville units of heat, compared to a typical padi chili that has around 50.000 units. When you see a wrinkled deep red pepper with a pointy head that's it - you've found the Reaper!


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