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Chili ladder challenge @Lagnaa

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I'm sharing my chili eating challenge experience at Lagnaa Barefoot Dining restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant advertises it's 10-step chili challenge as the only chili challenge in the world that hasn't been conquered. If someone manages to pass the level 10 curry they'll pay a hefty S$10.000 price!

Kristabel who works for them advertised the place in social media. I remember browsing FB in the bed tired in the night and seeing their ad. I was thinking to myself, "hell, that's ten grand for eating something friggin tasty!?". So no wonder I was curious as hell. And I found myself eating their level six curry the next evening!


Click here to see where to find the place:

You'll see this funny statue at the door. All the good reasons for eating curry there, hmmm. I think they have some good points there. It's presence is felt ... twice. True!

Once in the restaurant, I suggest having a table upstairs where you can sit barefoot.

Authentic atmosphere. Achieved with minimalistic deco

It's good to start with a platter of chili sauce shots. They have levels 1-6 heat on the platter. You should taste each starting from less spicy level 1 and work your way slowly up to level six. It's best to order the actual spicy curry only after you've found a comfortable level of heat.

Lagnaa staff will advise you to choose a heat level where you can taste the the tomato and sweetness of the curry. If it just burns like hell you'll have difficulty eating a big full portion, I promise!

This is the top of the chili ladder. Only one living person has ever eaten a level nine curry. Levels above seven have a little facial picture of each crazy chili eater. Level six is the highest you're allowed to have on your first go. Lagnaa staff will invite you to try higher levels during their full moon dining parties. You can't just order a level ten curry and start from there. Need to clear the ladder from bottom to top!

And here it is, level six curry. I have cleared this level now three times and kind of like it's taste. It's a large bowl, so be prepared to eat a lot! I suggest getting three orders of naan bread with this delicacy. The bread is a great way to scoop up the spicy curry. It also feels nice in the belly when there's something solid in with the spicy curry.

Under no circumstances should you try to eat the spiciest curry portions in an empty stomach. That will ensure you'll get stomach burns!

Pro tip: Buy antiacid pills from pharmacy before trying the spiciest portions. If you get stomach burns the antiacid pills will probably save you from the worst. The burns are caused because the stomach is excreting more acid to melt the spicy chili curry. The chili in the curry isn't the only thing burning in your belly!

And there it is, my little peg with a pepper right next to level six sign "I dare you!".

And for levels 6+ the staff may sometimes award you with these nice stackable pepper prizes 🥰😆

My final thought is that if you're going for this challenge don't take it lightly. The portion is big and very spicy. It'll fill your stomach and make you feel like you swallowed a searing hot meteor. There is a reason for this challenge being the last unconquered chili challenge in the world!

But it is damn good tasting too. I'm going for the level seven in the next full moon party.

Wish me luck, I hope to survive it!

// Chilious

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